Attract Crypto and ico Investors

Reaching the right audience is key to the success of any initial coin offering.

Reach The Right Audience

Identify and target your ideal customers across all devices. Only interact with those who need your companies help.

With The Right Message

Understand each of your customer’s needs and target them with the right message.

Trasparent ROI

Oversee your exact marketing spend and the corresponding ROI, right down to the granular detail.

A digital growth team focused on your ICO targets

We align our incentives with yours, through our performance-based targets.

How to attract ICO investors to your community

Publishing high-quality content and distributing it across all channels is the best tactic for attracting investors to your ICO. This high-quality content is known as ‘cornerstone content’, and is a central part of your ICO strategy.

Due to the role it plays in attracting ICO investors, cornerstone content is the part of your site you want to direct visitors to when they interact with your website for the first time.

Search Engine Optimisation

Ranking position in search engines directly correlates to website traffic and conversion rates. Well executed SEO campaigns for ICOs, will create strong brand positioning within the ICO market, as well as benefiting your businesses online presence in the future.

Search traffic is your single most valuable source of traffic, as these are often the most qualified prospects, and they are free clicks!

Social Media Marketing

Social media is essential for attracting crypto investors. While many social media platforms are banning ICO adverts, this is still a valuable source for brand awareness and promotion of your solution.
Social media is a powerful tool that you can use to profile mass ICO audiences and re-engage website users. Keeping a consistent brand image and posting regular updates, portrays trust and attracts token investors.

Public Relations

Public relations (PR) includes influencer outreach, press releases and getting featured on the right websites that are relevant to your target audience. Managing and distributing content to various media outlets gives your ICO greater reach and enhances visibility.

Performance Media

A well-executed paid search strategy will exponentially improve the performance of your ICO. Paid advertisements are useful for re-engaging with potential investors who have expressed interest by interacting with your website and social channels.

Content Marketing

Creating quality content (not just cornerstone content) that showcases your solution and is aligned to your target personas’ needs will attract ICO investors. This is where personas come into play, ensuing that your efforts attract the right audience. Great content will fuel organic traffic, increase follower counts on social media and is the key to attracting a qualified audience.