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Best ICO Listing Sites: Guide

It’s 2018 and ICO popularity is booming. Billions have been raised through ICOs and to avoid the fear of missing out, investors are keen to get involved.

Prior to browsing the best ICO listing sites, it is strongly advised that investors follow a guide to investing in an ICO. This step is a crucial part to understanding the ICO investment process and covers many of the first time investors frequently asked questions.

What Is A Great Medium To Find High Potential ICO’s?

As countless new ICOs come to light day in day out, it has gotten quite difficult to follow all upcoming or new ICOs that are worth investing in.

ICO listing sites or ICO calendar sites are the perfect solution to this problem.

What Is An ICO Listing site?

ICO listing sites compile all live ICO campaigns, while providing information like current status, hosting country, token type/price, sale start and finish date.

ICO Listing Sites As Part Of ICO Marketing Strategy

ICO listing sites are a key component when creating an ICO marketing strategy. Free ICO listing sites are an ideal means of promotion, as popular listing sites are checked daily by investors.

How Can I Estimate The Listing Price Of An ICO?

The price of ICO listing depends solely on the ICO list site. Some ICO list sites are free, while others can be as much as 1 BTC

Where Can I Get A Complete List Of Upcoming ICOs?

Investors often come to us asking about the good websites to discover cryptocurrency ICOs. While no ICO listing site has officially been titled as ‘the best’ in terms of user satisfaction, some of the best ICO listing sites and more average sites are detailed out honestly below.

Website Price Range About Features Review
CoinRating Free Comprehensive ICO listing site that provides details on upcoming, ongoing and completed ICOs. Trusted ICO calendar that is 100% free to use Submit an ICO, lists all ICOs, Provides educational ICO guides Lists are updated regularly and the ICO guides are extremely informative
ICOBench Free – 1 BTC ICO listing site which provides ratings from investors and experts. Provide details on top ICOs from various industries. ICO submission, Lists everything ICO related like bounties, whitelists, people of blockchain, agencies, exchanges. Analyses and provides ratings for ICOs in the form of widgets. Comprehensive ICO listing site. Created an ICO bot called Benchy to educate around ICOs
ICO Drops Free ICO listing site with ratings and analysis of active, upcoming and completed ICOs. Lists ICOs, Lists whitelists, Provides market advanced returns, ICO submission, ICO advertising Popular free to list ICO site. Independently owned and not affiliated with any ICO related company.
Smith & Crown Free Research, report and analyse crypto financial markets, blockchain technology, digital currencies and ICO listings.
ICO Data Unknown ICO Listing site for active, planned and completed projects. List contains – presale date, rating and USD raised Can submit ICO/ICO list and offers ICO Ratings Easy to use site with a comprehensive ICO rating model
Token Data Unknown ICO calendar site that lists upcoming and active ICOs Lists ICOs, Provides advanced returns and token analytics. Simple ICO listing site that provides an advanced return on tokens and individual token analytics.
ICO Alert Unknown Complete listing of all active and upcoming ICOs, token sales, and crowdsales. Popular hub for insight and analysis into new cryptocurrency ICOs. Lists ICOs, Provides ICO reports, Creates podcasts, Sends ICO alerts. This popular site is also linked with ICO Stats the ICO performance tracker
ICO Bazaar Unknown Follow upcoming, ongoing, trending and past ICOs. Provide detailed info with an aim to helping the investor community. Nice site that rates all new ICOs and provides an ICO tracker app.
ICO Hot List Unknown Follow upcoming, ongoing, trending and past ICOs. Provide detailed info with an aim to helping the investor community. Nice site that rates all new ICOs and provides an ICO tracker app.
ICO Watch List Unknown, Premium available Regularly updated website to inform investors about live, upcoming and completed ICOs ICO list, submit ICO and provides ICO guides/statistics Provides helpful ICO guides and stats
ICO Map 0.01 BTC – 0.03 BTC ICO listing site that provides information on active, upcoming and completed ICOs Lists ICOs, ICO Submission This website has limited listings. They provide an ICO map which is a great idea but also clearly a work in progress.
List ICO 0.015 BTC – 0.1 BTC List of upcoming and active ICOs. Lists ICOs, ICO submission and ICO resources Expensive for basic listing, language and grammar issues worrying. Provides links to YouTubers in the cryptocurrency space.
ICO Tracker Unknown Listing site for current, upcoming and past ICOs ICO list, submit ICOs Rating system still in prototype phase.
ICO Champs Free ICO List with ratings ICO list, submit ICO Pretty simple site with a basic rating calculation system. Also have a tab for ICOs they consider a ‘scam’
Coin Schedule Unknown Provides cryptocurrency ICO list and hub for crypto news.
CoinGecko Advertising price calculator on site Cryptocurrency ranking site. Lists coins. Lists active, upcoming and completed ICOs. Lists exchanges and their trading volume. Provides coin targeting and geo targeting. Not just a standard ICO listing site, ranks coins too.
Token Market Free Crowdsale and exchange platform for blockchain assets. Organise crowdsales and list ICOs. ICO advisory, ICO calendar, digital wallet, ICO submission Nice simple site layout. Trending tokens graph is a cool touch.
ICO Rating Unknown Rating agency issuing independent analytical research, evaluating ICO projects and assigning them ratings. ICO rating system, Provide rating widgets, ICO submission. Comprehensive rating system (Including risk score, hype score, investment rating)
Coin Telegraph Unknown Covers Fintech, blockchain and brings the latest Bitcoin, Ethereum and ICO calendar news. Cryptocurrency guides, event news, lists ICOs, ICO submission Comprehensive site that focuses on ICO calendar and much more
Top ICO List €500 ICO listing site that provides active, upcoming and completed ICOs. Lists ICOs, ICO submission Simple ICO listing site
Coin Market Plus 0.025 BTC –1 BTC Website for ICO Rating & Reviews, ICO Countdown, token sale and upcoming ICO events. Lists ICOs, ICO submission, ICO reviews Homepage was slow due to amount of countdown timers. Pricing packages could be more detailed.
ICO Stream Free & Premium Website for listing ICOs. Also contains news section based around fintech startups, disruptive technology, blockchain, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors Lists ICOs, ICO submission Standard site – ICO list layout not the best
Cryptorated Free Provide unbiased ICO reviews through a community-governed objective analysis and rating system. Lists ICOs, ICO submission, provides coin market cap, reviews ICOs, provides free ICO rating system Nice site – free ICO rating system is great touch
Token Schedule Unknown ICO Calendar. Provides alerts before token sales to keep up to date. Lists ICOs Pretty poor site – Contact page is unaligned and advertising tab doesn’t work.
ICO Signal $10 – $70 Lists all important dates of ongoing and upcoming ICO’s Lists ICOs, ICO submission, ICO advertising Pretty poor site – News section redirects to Cryptocoins Journal

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