What Is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the act of developing a relationship with prospective customers at each stage of the sales funnel and through all steps of the buyer’s journey.

Lead Scoring

In order to effectively develop leads in today’s buyer-centric marketplace, establishing and nurturing buyer relationships through strategic lead scoring is required.

Marketing Automation

We deploy marketing automation as a technology solution that allows us to streamline your company’s marketing efforts across various channels, to improve efficiency and drive more sales.

An Integrated Environment

We know that today’s marketing technology environment is ever changing. In order to succeed, each individual component across multiple channels must be aligned to provide a truly efficient environment.

A marketing team focused on your targets

With performance-based targets, you can rest assured that our incentives are aligned with yours.

How We Score Leads

Your lead scoring system should be specific to the needs of your company, based on your industry, audience and your buyer’s journey. However, there are four core features we apply to your company’s strategy.

Lead fit

Lead fit describes how well a prospect matches your company’s ideal persona or typical buyer. This initial data will inform you as to whether a lead is even worth pursuing at all.

Lead Interest

Through tracking online behavior we can identify how attractive your company is to a prospect. Have they spent a lot of time on your site?

Lead behaviour

Closely monitoring your leads’ behaviour will outline if a lead is a serious buyer or just passing through. By assigning lower and higher values to certain areas and actions we can identify these warm leads. Have they visited the pricing page? Have they filled out a subscription form?

Buyer Stage

Outlining and scoring higher for buyer stage interactions is crucial to identifying warm leads. We align your scoring to the top, middle and bottom of your sales funnel. Attaching higher scores to pricing page visits.