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Key Elements of an ICO Landing Page

The best ICO landing page will generate more leads for the ICO and help with overall website SEO. This is why it is so important to understand the key elements of an ICO landing page when in the process of creating a marketing strategy for an ICO

*However, It is also important to note that social tech giants like Facebook and Twitter are banning paid advertising for ICO related content (including ICO landing pages). This is why you need to understand how to advertise an ICO during a crypto ad ban.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is an advertisement in the form of a standalone web page. The focus of the page is to collect a visitors information through a quick sign-up form. Visitors usually arrive to this page by clicking paid advertisement.

Difference between homepage and landing page

  • Homepage gives a broad overview of what your website or business does and links to all other pages of your site
  • Landing page gives an overview of an advertisement, which encourages visitors to take one clear action. This page is not linked to other parts of your site

ICO Landing Page

For the most part, this is exactly the same as a normal landing page. The only major difference is that it needs to reflect the three stages of an ICO – pre-ICO, during-ICO and post-ICO.

What to Include in an ICO Lead Generation Landing Page?

With lead generation in mind, the ICO landing page needs to be a more engaging and detailed version of the white paper. Examples of what to include in an ICO landing page are:

    • Logo
    • Title of your ICO (condensed into a few words)
    • Social media links
    • Call to action (CTA) text
    • CTA button (Whitepaper and registration)
    • Countdown timer
    • Promotion video
    • Chatbot
    • Brief ICO description
    • Press sites
    • Advisory board members
    • Partners
    • Team members*
    • Roadmap
    • Milestone targets
    • Token distribution
    • Budget allocation
    • ICO core features
    • FAQ’s
    • Contact

*Team members section of the landing page and white paper are extremely important. This section helps to reassure investors your ICO is legitimate and not a scam

Avoid Landing Page Distractions

The landing page you create should focus on generating leads for one thing only – your ICO. Avoid negatives and other distractions like:

  • Other CTA’s for other offers you wish to promote
  • Irrelevant information that has no benefit to attracting investors
  • Outbound links which encourage investors to click away from your landing page.
  • Stock photos

Thank You Page

This may seem obvious but a thank you page that appears upon investment is 100% necessary. A thank you page is not only helpful to your new investors, but also helps you when:

  1. Tracking conversions in Google analytics
  2. Trying to drive traffic to your social media.  

How to Create an ICO Landing Page

There are a few ways to create an ICO landing page. Some of these methods are trickier or more expensive than others, but necessary in order to build the most professional looking page possible.

  1. Approach a web designer to create a WordPress landing page (or equivalent) for your ICO.
  2. Visit Unbounce or Wix for landing page templates and start making your own.
  3. Attempt to code and design your own landing page.. Good luck

For examples of current ICO landing pages, visit CoinRating and check out one of the newest ICO’s

How to Increase Trust on a Landing Page

Building trust and credibility will put any visitors uneasiness about investing to rest.

Paid Advertising & Landing Page Consistency: Make sure your graphics, colours and message etc, are the same on each.

Avoid Overselling: Keep the copy genuine and educate potential investors, rather than pushing hard for an investment.

Affiliations: Showcase endorsements of your ICO by industry experts.

Advisory Board Members: Include authentic testimonials.

Certification/Licensing Logos: Insert relevant companies logos that you operate or are licensed with.

Awards: Display the awards you may have won or have been nominated for

Press: Keep an up to date press section for all new media coverage

ICO Landing Page Testing

To make sure your landing page is as effective as possible in generating leads, there is a level of testing that needs to be completed prior to launch.

Landing pages are never first time perfect and A/B testing is fundamental to their success. Examples of what should be tested are:

  • Title positioning
  • Call to action button text/colour
  • Call to action copy
  • Paragraph layout
  • Font, font size, font colours
  • Graphics and their positioning  

ICO Landing Page User Experience (UX)

Measuring satisfaction through UX and page testing are essential for driving leads. Regardless of whether the ICO idea is good or not, bad user experience will almost always lead to the visitor getting frustrated and bouncing from your site.

ICO Promotional Video

Having a promotional video to display on your ICO landing page is guaranteed to boost conversion rate chances. This is because:

  • Watching a video will leave people on your landing page for longer periods of time which gives your ICO longer to register with investors
  • Educational videos about the ICO will increase trust levels
  • On a general level, people prefer to watch a video than read.

Landing Page Final Tip

Landing Page – SEO Audit

SEO audits are incredibly insightful, especially to new businesses that want to get a step ahead of their competitors. With regards to benefiting a landing page, SEO audits will outline how to;

  • improve search result rankings,
  • build website traffic and
  • increase the amount of ICO investments you receive.

To start improving your ICO landing page SEO performance today, make sure you get your free SEO audit.

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