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How To Advertise An ICO During A Crypto Ad Ban

How To Advertise An ICO Without Facebook/Google/Twitter Ads

Well.. The cryptocurrency par-tay hasn’t finished just quite yet, It’s just that the lights have switched on and the adults are arriving.

If you haven’t already heard, the ’adults’ or social media/tech giants – Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & Mailchimp have all come out officially to announce that they will be banning ICO/cryptocurrency advertising on their platform/affiliate platforms. Why have these tech companies done this? Are they intimidated by the popularity of these ICO’s? Do they fear a future competitor could emerge from within this space? Or, are they simply being pressured into banning these adverts by regulators?

Either way you choose to look at it, ICO marketing is changing for the better.

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Banning ICO Adverts: Positives

While many may see the banning of ICO adverts as a negative, here at Qualified Demand, we believe this intervention will bring many positives (especially for startups trying to avoid high ICO advertising costs).

We believe that banning ICO ads on large social platforms, will encourage greater levels of creativity from ICO marketing teams. Higher levels of creativity will enhance overall ICO value and undoubtedly lead to increased investment.

As well as bringing increased creativity, banning ICO ads will provide much needed assistance to the crypto community for separating the real from the fake, or in other words – identifying scam ICO’s.

One final thought on social paid advertising. According to Incapsula’s 2016 bot traffic report, 51.8% of all website visitor traffic are bots. This leaves business owners asking two questions:

  • Does paid advertising work for my business?
  • Are my ads being seen by the right audience?

Free ICO Advertising Platforms

*Before we get into the finer details, it’s important to clarify that general discussion around ICO’s has NOT been banned. Google and large social platforms are simply banning paid advertising products related to cryptocurrencies.

By focusing on your organic following your project can still reach a wide audience, content

As a result of the introduction of bans across many social media platforms and search engines, there has been an increase in searches made by ICO founders looking for different forms of free ICO advertising. Let us sift through the possibilities…

Publish News & Announements

Please not that this is not traditional advertising, you must answer user questions. Shamelessly promoting your project on these channels will likely result in bad press.

  • Facebook Groups
  • Linkedin Groups
  • Sub-Reddit
  • Quora

Build your own community channels

The benefits of engaging your own community can not be stressed enough.

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Reddit
  • Slack
  • Telegram
  • Discord

Paid advertising being banned yes, but this will not prevent cryptocurrency related topics from appearing in Google search results, or from being talked about on social media platforms.

Many cryptocurrency related sites actually offer paid advertising, which in theory should target a more qualified audience.

It is important to note that in digital marketing, it is less common to charge for advertising as a flat fee. Advertising is much more effective when charged per impression or per click

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